Rules of NachbarNet

1. General
NachbarNet promotes the bringing together and mutual assistance of people in Basel and the surrounding region. NachbarNET provides a platform for advertising offers and requests for assistance in daily life; exchanges; and joint activities.

2. Like a Market Place – But Without Profit
Anybody can participate in NachbarNet. All activities receive equal consideration. However, anyone whose primary interest is in profit making should use alternative platforms.

3. Voluntary but Binding
Each assignment is voluntary. Nobody is obliged to accept an assignment. It is important that both parties envisage activities which take account of time constraints and personal sympathies. Once agreements have been made, however, they must be honoured.

4. Respect and Discretion
Encounters made on NachbarNet are often between people in very different life situations. Personality and lifestyle of participants must be respected and private information be treated with absolute discretion.

5. Quality
Participants offering services should be realistic about their capabilities and capacities. They should only offer services they are genuinely able to provide. Those looking for support must be aware that the people offering services are not acting as professionals. Expectations need to be realistic. NachbarNet’s administrative office provides advice in cases of difficulties. Online users are requested to administer their offers and requests themselves. Those who do not have Internet access must inform NachbarNet Administration when they no longer have free capacity; are absent for extended periods; or have changed address.

6. Compensation and Exchange
In general, people who accept services of support, pay CHF 15 per hour to the person providing the services. This «pocket money» can be adjusted by mutual agreement (up or down). Not all people offering support require this amount. People accepting support can - or may wish to - pay more. But if services develop from occasional assignments to effectively become regular employment, then an employment contract is recommended and registration with the social security may be obligatory. Compensation is not required for communal activities and exchanges.

7. NachbarCheck
Individuals on low-income have the possibility to apply for NachbarNet vouchers, known as «NachbarCheck». These can be used to pay the person providing services.

8. Liability / Exclusion
NachbarNet does not undertake any aptitude tests or evaluations. NachbarNet does not accept liability for any damages incurred. NachbarNet retains the right to exclude individuals who, for whatever reason, have attracted negative attention.

9. Data Protection
It is required to give correct contact details. The deletion of data can be requested at any time. There is an increased protection of privacy in the field of ‘free time’: anyone who requests an address for an advertisement shall only receive a first name, telephone number and email address of the advertiser. The advertiser shall receive the first name, telephone number and email address of the interested party in return.

10. Sponsors
NachbarNet administrative staff and management are paid employees. Users who are satisfied with the services provided are invited to contribute as sponsors (within the limits of their means).